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Other apps such as visitor management, operational controls or catering, you can also get for 39, - € per month, without any restrictions or restrictions.

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Your application platform for Facility Management: FM24.info. The application portal for E-Guard book & i-safety_3D guard control system, visitor management, catering, quality assurance, management of services
Exemplary metrics made with i-safety_3D ... (daily update)

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With our three available control point types (CP"s) you have the full flexibility. So you can, for example, Create your own CP during the tour with the i-safety mobile phone and print out the QR barcodes later.

Oder Sie verzichten auf RFID und QR-Barcodes und erstellen via i-safety 3D (virtuelle) Kontrollpunkte


That was especially important to us during the development! Your e-guardbook is unlocked immediately after registration. If you use your own cell phones, you can start right away. Just install i-safety, let"s go!

Wenn Sie RFID CP`s wünschen, können Sie uns Ihre Bestanddaten (Stechpunktliste) zusenden, wir liefern Ihnen dann umgehend Ihr maßgeschneidertes System innerhalb drei Tagen.


Multifunctional app for

  • Message documentation

  • Guard control system
    Operational controls

As a pioneer, as far as we know, we have developed the first protection control system with RFID based on mobile phones. In the meantime, this has been used successfully by many companies and security companies and is constantly being developed.

Why the name 3D? - In addition to the RFID and QR code technology (barcode), we also master the technology of the "three-dimensional control points" via GPS. We are also the pioneer here ...

i-security-3D s related to the E-Wachbuch, so you have everything under control in a complete system. Simply create control points (CPs) in the e-guard book using maps with a click of the mouse, or directly using the i-Sicherheit mobile phone and you"re ready to go!

The main functions are

  • Documentation of control tours in real time

  • GPS tracking of security staff (realtime), can also be switched off

  • Simultaneous use of RFID, QR code and virtual CPs (3D)

  • Creation of watch reports / measures with photo documentation and sample texts

  • Immediate reports with information services via SMS / email

  • Intelligent management with position / - and hazard warnings (occupational safety)

  • Dead man function - sensor controlled

  • Extensive statistical functions at the click of a mouse

  • Automatic, customer-related reports via email and much more

More functions

  • Use of own smartphone possible

  • Creation of control points (3D, QR code) via i-safety smartphone

  • Checkin/Checkout of visitors with RFID badges through our visitor management

  • Checkin/Checkout of vehicles and transfer to stations (workshop, disposition, ...) via our app "vehicle logistics"

E-Guard book

Give your security an interesting tool with high acceptance ...

... encompasses the complete documentary working environment of object and plant protection

Successfully used by corporations & security services since 2003.
As a pioneer, we developed the first web-based e-watch book, from practice / for practice.

By using the e-watch book you get many advantages and save a lot of time e.g. through automatic reports to your customers or internal departments.

Many standard processes in reporting are automated, stored with text blocks and responsible persons are informed about important events by email or SMS.

The main functions are

  • Documentation of watch reports / measures with standard texts and file attachments

  • Immediate reports with information services via SMS / email

  • Interactive alarm plan -> Automated information to recipient groups (SMS / email)

  • Info Center - No loss of information when handing over the service - Forget handwritten information ....

  • Interactive service instructions with email services for changes

  • Handover report when changing shifts, individually configurable

  • Document database - important documents immediately available with a click of the mouse

  • Traffic-Tool -
    Complete documentation of vehicles - check-in / out at the click of a mouse (incl. Swap bodies + dangerous goods)

  • Individual workstation monitoring - dead man function with SMS services

  • Duty record

  • Key management

  • Black list - deposit of house bans

  • Readiness list

  • Anonymize the data views and much more

Cross-site security management

  • Do you manage multiple locations? With integrated "MASTERVIEW" you travel "virtually" to all locations with a click of the mouse

  • Monthly extensive reporting - top ten watch reports and alarms

  • Daily, automatic report via email (PDF) to your customers

  • IP block - Despite web-based access can be restricted to the location

  • Globally available in several languages

District guard book

Territories, objects, controls, checkpoints ...

Innovative, easy to administer and evaluate

You know the effort of area administration, e.g. when inserting new objects and checkpoints (CPs) into an existing area or area route?

The new district guard book offers you many convenient functions, such as

  • Create new CPs with a click of the mouse in the map material (RFID, QR code, GEO virtual CP)

  • Allocation of day types, control times, types of transportation with one click

  • Assignment to the object and territory by drag & drop, or

  • Automated, geo-mathematically calculated assignment to the area (optional)

  • Guided area route of the daily objects with important object information

  • Overview of district structures including property data

  • Guard messages with photo documentation

  • Automated, customer-related reports via email

Your Benefits and other functions>

  • Guided creation of customer files, object data, CP"s including task and hazard warnings

  • Moving individual objects including all CPs to another area by drag & drop

  • User - Area - Matrix “- Which employee knows which area

Of course, we can take over your inventory data as part of an import.

Operational & maintenance controls

This app greatly simplifies the control and documentation of service objects, e.g. the control of fire doors, online and in real time

The control of the service objects (SO) is verified by scanning checkpoints (CP) in the form of RFID, QR barcodes or virtual CPs. Task lists are assigned to the various SO and summarized in service routes.

The employee can edit the SO control on site as part of a task list and document it using a smartphone. He has online access to stored operating instructions.

Your advantages and other functions

  • Interactive route planning and GPS tracking

  • Mobile scanning of control objects

  • Individual checklists per control object

  • Editing and documenting the status forms via app

  • Automatic route planning according to the schedule

  • Instructions that can be stored for each control object

Catering & conferencing & room booking

Planning a meeting, booking catering and space made easy ...

Our web-based catering tool supports a paperless, almost fully automated process, taking into account common internal processes, with extensive reporting tools and automated information services.

So you always have a full overview of all upcoming hospitality and their status. Perfectly tailored for clients and caterers

Your advantages and other functions

  • Book catering and conference rooms with just a few clicks

  • Book equipment and services

  • Allocation to cost centers, projects, companies

  • Automated information services via email for bookers and caterers

  • Extensive reports and statistics

  • easy administration of articles

  • Abilling for caterers based on revenue accounts and VAT rates

  • Consideration of the mandatory information for the tax office

Visitor management

Forget lists at reception ..., simply check in your visitors with a click of the mouse.

Our "Visitor Management" WebApp is a comprehensive solution that fully meets all of your professional system requirements. The web-based solution is available directly online.

The most important areas besides the standard functions such as, pre-registrations, permanent visitors, group registrations were also taken into account, such as Notes on the due work safety instruction or VIP visitor.

the main features are

  • Checkin- Checkout checkout of visitors

  • pre-registrations

  • permanent visitors

  • ID card management

  • Overview "Visitors in the house"“

  • Group check-in and check-out

  • visitor"s license u. Visitor ID card

  • Self-registration via touchscreen tablet

  • Notice on updating safety instructions

  • ssue and management of seals

  • Statistics

  • Mobile checkin / checkout via i-safety (app) (App)

Order and administration management

Error handling via app

Commercial process execution

Maintenance contracts - automatic resubmission

Use internal resources and draw e.g. Construction defects directly via the app during a tour. Use your building management to order repairs or maintenance with just a few clicks of the mouse.

When is the next maintenance due, which defects have been reported, who has been commissioned with which work?

When is the next maintenance due, which defects have been reported, who has been commissioned with which work?

You are always up to date with the webview ...


  • Entry and management of orders e.g. Building defects, including photo documentation

  • Complete commercial process, including documentation, file notes and service provider selection

  • Management of improvements until they are completed

  • Maintenance contract management including automatic resubmission, supplier request u. Document databasen>

  • Entry of orders also mobile via i-safety_App, e.g. during security guard tours

  • Allocation of services to cost centers

Time recording & vacation management

Complex topic solved intelligently and easily ...

Are you looking for a web-based solution without installations that takes sickness, vacation, special vacation, flextime and shift times, etc. into account?

our Benefits and other functions

  • CheckIn - CheckOut simply by mouse click and PIN

  • Accept or reject overtime

  • Assign shift times to employees

  • Management of time accounts and remaining vacation accounts

  • Automatic dispatch of time overviews by email

  • Create a vacation application online

  • Notice when the minimum staffing per department is undershot

  • Considering special cases such as Illness while on vacation

  • Graphical vacation schedule with mouseover popups

  • Export as CSV or EXCEL

Duty & shift planning

Time-saving and clear ...

A complex topic with many points to consider. Which employee has been assigned to a certain shift and has not reached his target hour?

Manage multiple operational objects with a web-based service and shift planner.

Your Benefits and other functions>

  • Vmanagement of various operational objects

  • Create different layers with color assignments

  • Administration of employees, deployment options and target times

  • Taking sick leave and vacation times into account

  • Graphical, tabular roster with Mousover information

  • Visual indications when remaining times are available