Data protection & data security

... steht bei uns an erster Stelle. Die Datenhaltung ist daher ausschließlich Deutschland, in einem renommierten Rechenzentrum mit managed Servern.

Although our solutions are web-based, they meet the requirements of our customers, including well-known companies, to the highest degree.

Whether technical, organizational measures (TOM) or order data processing ..., we are sure that we will meet your expectations.

Your connection to us is SSL encrypted!!

the topic of data protection is of course particularly important on the Internet. As a quality provider, we therefore attach great importance to the protection and security of your data. We would like to take this opportunity to inform you in detail below about the care and diligence with which we treat your data.

Our data center service partner provides the highest level of security through extensive technical facilities. For more information on technology, encryption and the data center, please contact our service partner

Data storage in Germany! Unsere Data protection you"ll find here.